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Concrete Buggy

The Canycom concrete buggy can be the most useful carrier at your job site. It runs on tracks that enable it to go on virtually any terrain such as wet, muddy ground conditions, and rough uneven terrain, as well as loose sand, dirt and gravel. Call us today for your rental quote.


  • Rubber tracks 

  • 90° dump angle 

  • Payload = 1,655 lbs./16 cubic feet

  • Weight = 1,576 lbs.

  • Length = 95"

  • Width = 35" 

  • Height = 57"    

  • Maximum speed = 6 MPH


The Buggy Bib

Exclusively available at Mon River Supply, the Buggy Bib splash guard keeps concrete contained safely within your forms. Therefore, minimizing concrete splatter and keeping your employees safe from concrete chemical burns. Dump it directly where you want to pour. Now available for rental with our concrete buggies.


Also available for purchase at


Power Buggy w/Shovel

This unique multi purpose power buggy is great for landscape, demolition, hardscape, plus more. The large front shovel allows you to scoop, move and dump material, therefore saving money on labor.


  • Rubber tracks 

  • Payload = 1,785 lbs./12 cubic feet

  • ​Weight = 1,385 lbs.

  • Length = 103"

  • Width = 33" 

  • Height = 127"               

  • Maximum speed = 6 MPH  



A bull float is used to level and smooth freshly poured concrete. They are lightweight and properly balanced to provide a professional, smooth finish. 

Bull float rentals are available with concrete loads. The bull float is shipped out with your concrete order, and returns when the concrete truck leaves your job site.


For more information, call us at 412-382-7178.


Concrete Vibrator

Concrete vibrators help to ensure that your freshly poured concrete is even and free of air bubbles. As a result, concrete will remain strong and have a smooth finish. 

Performance: Makita-built motor delivers 12,500 VPM to help increase strength of concrete

Comfort: Weighs only 11.4 lbs. with battery for reduced operator fatigue



Use the multilift for a wide variety of lifting tasks. Move concrete slabs, block, stones, sidewalk pads or other precast items. ​

  • 3,000 pound capacity

  • Specially engineered pads pivot to match sloped surface

  • Adjustable grip range of 5 to 32 inches

Air Compressor

Tow-behind portable air compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air for construction sites and other industry applications. 

Increase your productivity and your profit with the ultimate rolling compressor for busy contractors like you. Call us for more details. 


Concrete Bucket

The 1/3 yard concrete bucket 410-R by Garbro is an all steel concrete bucket. It has a rated capacity of 1/3 cubic yards for small to medium batches of concrete.

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