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Ready mixed concrete is a strong paving material that is long lasting, offers durability, appeal, and low maintenance.  Its applications go beyond a solid foundation; it increases the value and performance of a very important investment, residential homes and businesses.    

Our concrete is made with the finest ingredients, resulting in high quality concrete that will provide you with great finish ability, good set times, strength, and durability. We offer a wide variety of concrete mixes for your specific needs. 

Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete Mixes

  • Premium

    • Driveways

    • Sidewalks

    • Patios

  • Footer (3000 PSI, 3500 PSI, 4000 PSI)

  • Pump

  • Block Fill (3500 PSI)

  • 67 Driveway (4000 PSI)

  • 50/50 Blend (4000 PSI)

  • 50/50 Blend Footer (3000 PSI)

  • Finish Floor (3500 PSI, 4000 PSI)

  • Exposed Aggregate

  • Flowable Fill  

  • Pool

  • Stamp

  • Colored

Other concrete mixes are available upon request. Call us at

412-382-7178 for more information. 

Colored Concrete

Make your concrete a landscape dream by adding color into your concrete. We offer a wide variety of colors shown in the chart below. 


Antique Colors 

Brickform products allows you to create eye catching stamped concrete by utilizing an antiquing process that adds naturally mottled and varied highlights to textured concrete, creating a more realistic enhancement and appearance of depth.


Antique the surface of cured concrete at any time. Perfect as the primary source of antiquing on a recently placed stamped slab or as a restoration tool for old concrete. Easily apply Antique-It on unsealed textured concrete.


Liquid Release

Brickform liquid release forms a lubricating barrier and prevents texture mats and stamps from sticking to plastic concrete. It prevents pull-up and reduces wear on tools. 


Fiber Reinforcement that Offers No Balling or Fuzzing on the Surface!

Ultra Fiber 500

Solomon UltraFiber 500® is cellulose fiber reinforcement for industrial, commercial, residential, architectural and decorative applications. It also provides an excellent alternative to traditional secondary reinforcement – improving durability, impact resistance, shatter resistance, and freeze/thaw resistance without compromising appearance or finishability.

UltraFiber 500 is the only fiber for decorative concrete. With no balling or fuzzing, UltraFiber 500 will not affect the appearance of the concrete. UltraFiber 500 is the only fiber on the market that will accept color, making it ideal for colored concrete and stained concrete.

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