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Landscaping Supplies

We offer a wide variety of products for your commercial and residential landscaping needs. 


  • Cherry brown dyed

  • Black dyed


  • Dixie Pink (Pink & White Marble)

  • Mocha Stone 

  • Maryland Seashore (Pea, Small, & Large)

  • Northern Blue

  • R-4 Rip Rap

  • #4 Gravel

  • #3 Gravel

  • 2B Gravel

  • Pea Gravel

Retaining Wall Block

  • Lego Block (plain & stone faced, size 2x'2x'4')

  • Rockwood Universal Caps

  • Rosetta Irregular Steps

Additional Supplies

Weedstop Fabric (bulk roll 6'x250')

Rosetta Irregular Steps
Concrete Lego Block

Classic 6" Retaining Wall Block

Our Classic 6" retaining wall block are perfect for any retaining wall project. Currently available in the straight split faced block. 

Block Specifications:

Size: 6"H x 18" W x 12" D

Weight: 60 lbs.


*Additional supplies are available upon request. 

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